Image Masking Services

Hair Masking in Photoshop is all about masking your hair. Like other works, masking is done to remove the background. A photo may have an object or person with some frizzy, flowing or flyaway hair and you want to change the background behind the person or object. That is when cut out hair service is required. Our expert team can help you make the advanced hair masking in Photoshop for your images..

Layer masking Clipping Path involves mainly with a graphic designer, drawing around the image to select the needed segment of the image. Image masking service is significantly less destructive. A designer would only have to color over a needed region, to make a selection and then use it as required. This also gives more freedom the designer, to work his/her magic. .

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Image Masking Services

The main advantage in using Layer Masking, is that if and when required, the changes done, can be undone. With no permanent changes made to the image, an image can be brought back to its initial look, with minimal effort. .

Transparency Masking Using a slightly different approach to selecting the subjects of an image, instead of selecting the subject, this technique moves to remove the background. This transparency masking technique is excellent to use when you want to use your subject, on a different background.

Clients most often go for this, when they need to select a person or product, without the background. Our team comprises of designers who are nothing short of experts in image selections.. With an eye for detail and a knack for using the right tools, they’ll ensure that your image is nothing short of perfect!

We provided Complete Image Masking Services

  • Alpha Channel Masking

    The alpha channel is really a mask.It specifies how the pixel's colors should be merged with another pixel when the two are overlaid, one on top of the other.

  • Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Masking

    Advanced or Complex Layer for example Fur and Hair Masking is a complex masking technique in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Photoshop Transparency Masking

    Photoshop converts transparency into an opaque color, hidden by the newly created mask. The opaque color varies greatly.

  • Transparent Masking

    Photoshop converts transparency into an opaque color, hidden by the newly created mask.

  • Alpha Mask

    In computer graphics, alpha compositing is the process of combining an image with a background to create the appearance of partial or full transparency.

  • Transparent Mask

    Young Male Plastic Transparent Mask. What A Nice Young Man! Includes: Plastic transparent mask gives a bizarre translucent look.

  • Layer Mask

    You can add a mask to a layer and use the mask to hide portions of the layer and reveal the layers below.

  • Change Background Color

    Pick the color you want under Theme Colors or Standard Colors.

  • Remove Background

    Remove a background from a photo when hair and soft edges makes it tricky using hair masking .

  • Translucent Image Masking

    There are several different techniques to create transparency in raster images.

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